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Arctic Autumn in West Greenland

Arctic Autumn is very special because days are still long but landscape colors are sharpened from pale grey to blue and white in a reddish and yellow-orange tundra setting. First storms make travels adventurous with temperatures reaching below freezing point. Follow our journey with the Umiaq line from Nuuk over Kangaasiat to Sisimut and further via Aasiat to Ilulissat and along its icefjord with enormous icebergs 500 - 700 m tall, overlooking the sea surface as high as 100 m. Mountain hiking around Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island was topping our experiences with a relaxing sauna at the beach - an ice swim included. And you can call it foresight that we could even meet Greenland's shaman Angaangaq at the very last day of our trip. Get passionate!

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Expedition of Hearts

Meet Angaangaq

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