"The place with big houses"

Ittoqqortoormiit is right at the mouth of the northern shores of the world's biggest and deepest fjord systems: Scoresby Sund in Northeast Greenland. It is the remotest settlement in  Greenland "just 800 km" away from its neighbor settlement Tasilaq in the south of East Greenland. It even has its own time zone (GMT-1). The Scoresby Sund stretches 350 km west into the vastness of Greenland's glaciated mountains, with peaks higher than 2000 m, segregated by enormous glacier systems flowing down from the Inland Ice to calve icebergs into the fjord's arms. The area under the jurisdiction of the small community of Ittoqqortoormiit, with a declining number of about 380 inhabitants in 2016, is larger than England. The highest mountain of Greenland and of the whole Arctic, Mt. Gunnbjorns Fjeld (3694 m) is situated within its borders and the world's largest national park, the National Park of Northeast Greenland, starts at its northern ends.

I havn't seen such a colorful setting of houses elsewhere which jut out of the winter's snow and ice cover like gems. They emit cosiness and a sense for earth bound traditions like controlled hunting on seals, musk oxen, walrus and polar bear for a subsistence economy and Greenlander dogs food.

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