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Liverpool Land

Read about a winter dogsled skiing expedition with 28 dogs, 2 Inuits and 4 Austro-Norwegian friends. A once in a life time experience! In the words of Jörn Riel, Danish author of Northeast Greenlandic "fangstmen" stories: "Too much happiness at once".

The Expedition Video

Aqqalu, the whipper

The expedition started at one of the remotest communities in the world: Ittoqqortoormiit. Absorb the colorful village with its hauling dogs and amazing view over the world largest fjord system of Scorsby Sund by browsing through the Ittoqqortoormiit gallery.

Houses of Ittoqqortoormitt overlooking Scorsbysund; Volquart Bloon Kyst in background 70 km away

The dog sledge and skiing expedition through the remoteness of Liverpool Land had also a spiritual dimension for me: I learned once more to live in the presence - the famous "now" - enjoying the very moment whether it was sunny or stormy, snowing or blowing, bitterly cold (-26°C) or moderate "warm" (-10°C), walking in white out or bright sunshine, delivering to my expectations or not. It was just good - I only had to trust that every next moment will be just as good. No worries, no thoughts about tomorrow, only enjoyment of the moment. And there was so much we could enjoy from our friendships over the morning Aquavit to the Inuit and their world remotest community (800 km away from the "nearest" next village), their way of living, the 28 Greenlander dogs, the extraterrestrial PURE LANDSCAPES, the weather, the Aurora Borealis and so many more great experiences. Greenland in winter time with dogsleds and skies is truly the right way to explore its remoteness, endlessness, vastness, wilderness, whiteness and colorfulness, cleanness - and its silence. Where else is the only sound you can hear your own breathing and heart-throbbing? Yes, this is the heart-throbbing of the Arctic!

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The Expedition in Pictures:

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