Living in Austria, I reckon myself lucky being surrounded by abundant nature and mountains although my eagerness longs for more pristine landscapes.

My pictures and essays somehow seek for the essence of life: Events that do not fade with each passing second, despite their displacement from the present to the past. Thus, they remain only for those who were present. Photos help keeping memories alive, capturing also seemingly insignificant and not manifest moments. Who dares to judge for others what gives meaning to life? My daughter Marie Jorunn is a passionate photographer capturing such important moments of life.

Landscapes can just drop into my soul by an imminent experience and thereby provide inspiration and insight. I’m seeking virtually the soul of landscapes I wander through, combined with the experience that life deepens if guided by the principles of simplicity and restraint. Thereby space and openness emerges for immersing into the now without the desire for design and animation from outside.


fotoespresso: Frozen Latitudes - Vom fotografischen Herzensprojekt zum eigenen Bildband

Baikal Lake Winter Expedition

Torradagar – A Faroe Islands Winter Experience

Greenland Winter Expedition

Expedition into the Interior

To the Very End of the World

Lower Austrian Film Commission

Frankfurt Polar Club

First Central European Polar Meeting

Chasing Ice

Cover photo for Tunguska music "Cape Fligely"




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