Order my fine art photo book FROZEN LATITUDES or photo prints from PURE-LANDSCAPES.


Stories in English and German with stunning large scale photos from the northernmost edge of the inhabitable world and beyond.

Untitled photo

Expeditions into FROZEN LATITUDES

Pure Prints


Most people live in cities and can only see a part of the heaven from their windows. But we long for more and enjoy vistas of pure landscapes with an option for dreams.

Sustainable Love
Mount Amery in setting

Select for Pure Prints from the variety of Pure Landscapes' photos and decide yourself the size and photo material fitting best your purpose, whether its a personal gift for dear friends, a piece of art for your living room or used for public exhibitions. My fine art prints are unique items due to the combination of photography and handicraft. Dedicated LED lighting constructions, mountings and hand painted silver and gold finishing can create even more personalized compositions. Contact me for details.

Helmcken Falls
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