Peak Parnass (620 m) on Wiener Neustadt Island, highest peak of Franz Josef Land

The Spirit of Landscapes

From the mossy gray-green stone at the edge of the water comes something that makes one believe that even the stone owns its own spirit, which man just does not understand. But if stones, rocks and pebbles exist, then there must be a certain spiritual relationship between them, there must be a stone's spirit, as well as exists a spirit of water, ice and snow, not to mention the plants. And the animals? Out of them speaks something so human, that some of them are more like humans than humans themselves. Perhaps man sustains in everything - from this tiny stone protruding out of the snow, over the rocks, the mountains, the vegetation of the tundra, the animals, water and land, the insects, rodents, worms, over the water, the ice and snow, the wind and waves of the sea to the clouds, the blue of the clear sky and the distant stars - perhaps mankind penetrates everything and is its expression, its actual center, since he thinks about it and sometimes even guesses right ...

Jury Rytcheu

Under the constellation of mourning

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